The ‘S’ Word – cutting refined sugar from your families diet

It was after yet another meltdown, probably the third one for that day, that I began to unravel. Let me tell you the story.

Hurricane and I were at the supermarket, along with the Big Man and the Little Ray of Sunshine, we had been slowly moving into our new home all morning and it was time to pick up some lunch (Hurricane does not cope well with change as it is so the kettle was already boiling). We were having a wonderful shop, he was helping to carry the basket, fetching what we needed, singing and literally skipping along, total hallmark moment. That was when we encountered the bright red fire engine toy…I set the boundary, no we wouldn’t be getting the truck today…oh boy!
The kettle boiled over and melted to the ground, screaming, flailing, aggressively coming at me wanting to hurt me in anyway he could.

Being winter, he was wearing one of those super slippery puffer jackets and I couldn’t get a good grip on him to carry him out of the shop. Hurricane is also built somewhat like a brick house, so, to give you a good visual, the only way I could get us moving was to grab the top of his jacket by the shoulders and drag the screaming Hurricane to the checkout where he continued to scream at my feet, through the carpark and for the entirety of the drive back to the house.
This was not the first time I’d experienced a fit like that from him either, sadly it had got to a point where this was almost a daily occurrence and it was in that mortifying moment Parish that the Big Man and I sat down and decided we need to do something, try anything, to help our Hurricane to be the best he can be.

After being Bissett given a book by my sister, the Speechie, on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), we were aware that the Hurricane demonstrated some elements of SPD and from this we began to see the relationship diet plays in the affect of our children’s behaviours. In France alone, disorders like ADD and ADHD do not exist as doctors, rather than give a child a label and prescribe medication, look beyond the child to the environment and tackle parenting strategies and diet instead. It was like a light bulb going on and the teacher side of me popped back up and pushed aside the mummy…sugar…it’s so simple!

I thought back to all those times in the classroom, when it came to birthday cakes parents of would always want to bring the cake in for ‘morning tea’ and we’d always insist on treats being something special at the end of the day. I’m going to let you in on a little teacher secret. We may give you all kinds of excuses, time tabling problems, we have music, we have sport, an impromptu assembly, but the truth of it is teachers do not want to share birthday cake with twenty five plus children mid morning as there is no way in hell they’re dealing with the sugar crash for the rest of the day. So much easier to just give it to them at the end of the day and then send them skipping out the door with mum and dad !

It became so wholesale jerseys clear; Sugar why didn’t I think of it before! The teacher in me was screaming but sometimes we find it difficult to see clearly when it comes to our own kids.
So from then, and for a strict month, we wholesale NBA jerseys went cold turkey, we cleared the cupboards of every trace of refined sugar and went back to basics. Talk about a sugar crash! I had a splitting headache for over three days and the Hurricane was worse, a teary mess, but we persevered and once we were through the withdrawal (they say sugar is as addictive as drugs, so ‘withdrawal’ is an apt word for what we were going through) haze all things began to change.


The change in the behaviour of the Hurricane is real, yes there are still meltdowns, he’s a three year old and it’s completely normal, but the difference is the meltdowns now can be managed, I can talk to him, reason with him cheap jerseys and it ends with him needing Hats reassurance and consoling rather than coming at me with aggression. He is calmer and we as a family are in a better place based on new understanding and connection.

The change is here and it’s one we intend to keep. Now that does not mean my children will miss out on the good things, there will be chocolate Easter eggs, birthday party sugar highs, Christmas cookies and special treats but the point is to establish a balanced, healthy diet as the foundation for your families nutrition. To encourage an understanding and appreciation for special occasions and everything in moderation.

Hurricane and The Whole Mummy
Hurricane and The Whole Mummy

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