By Laura Sheehan

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen

I know what you’re thinking, the first word that springs to mind is MESS! By all accounts yes it’s true! Flour covering every surface area, shattered egg shell slipping and sliding along the counter top, you lift your feet only to feel the sticky, stretching pull of the oozing misplaced honey and this is only the beginning you haven’t yet assessed the state your toddler is in!

Yet in amongst this chaos wholesale jerseys and disorder, behind the muddle and the clutter there is a beautiful, tangible, magical moment of connection, of learning and of relationship between you ClamXav: and your little chef.

Not so long ago The Big Man and cheap jerseys I decided to make a change for the benefit of the Hurricanes behaviour as well as a Trends healthy shift for the whole family. We took the step to cutting refined sugar from our diet, not an easy feat by any means for the cake loving, biscuit hoarding, chocolate lovers that we Meningococcal were/are. The decision forced me to strip back my pantry, to re construct my perception of baking and cooking and much to my dismay remove the convenience of buying already prepared supermarket snacks. Handy, quick and accessible but full of junk!

At first that suffocating, overwhelming feeling of adding to what I considered to be an already overloaded mummy day took over. Juggling my toddler, new baby, house work, domestic duties, finding a small opening for exercise let alone a few minutes for a cup of tea was already Massapequa a thinly timed circus act as it was!

Fixed and focused on the healthy goal of my kitchen efforts, I blindly thought I’d achieve this on my own, the head chef of my mastered and well organised kitchen, all while the kids would happily play around me. I laugh even now at the absurdity of my starry eyed dream!
Of course, my ever inquisitive and curiosity seeking Hurricane had other plans. There it was that oh so familiar feeling of a small arm wrapped around my leg, I hear myself ‘out of the kitchen bub mummy’s baking’ knowing full well it’s falling on deaf ears. Suddenly my determined little Hurricane was sitting on my strategically itemised and organised bench top pushing my best laid plans aside. Ok! Throwing up my hands I surrendered and suddenly my wholesale nfl jerseys solo act became a duet.

We jumped right on in, literally! Both hands in the Hurricane began his exploration into the baking world, with me just barely holding on for the ride. Pouring flour, cracking eggs, measuring milk, scooping cacao. Eagerness and excitement took over and grabbing hold of utensils completely new to him the Hurricane took off, whisking, stirring, slopping, moving, the momentum in his play, in his learning, it was whole body and all encompassing. The chatter, the giggling, the joy, it was such a pleasure to be present in and to be apart of. Slam! The oven closed and the dust settled.

Messy, well that’s one way to describe it, war zone could be another! The Hurricane and I were covered, head to toe in a zebra looking combination of flour, cacao powder, oats and coconut sugar! The kitchen became a battle field of cracked eggs, dripping yolk, sticky honey, crunching powders and wholesale mlb jerseys rolling grains. Mountains of dirty dishes slowly rising and eroding on the sink, pieces of torn baking paper ripped and haphazardly tossed to the ground. Yet there he was, my Hurricane, beaming from ear to ear, so proud of himself and all he had just conquered and achieved.

Looking under the layers of disaster a wonderful moment had unfolded before me, one I’m so grateful my determined Hurricane┬áhad forced me to participate in. The tactile, real experience, the engagement and bonding that I so easily could have missed being so caught up in my own perfectionist notion cutting of maintaining a clean and organised household. It was through play and creating the mess that he was connecting and learning.

Removing myself from the moment I reflect through the eyes of a teacher and began checking all the the imaginary learning boxes;

English – speaking, listening, vocabulary, categorising, reading, contextual language.
Mathematics- number, counting, order, sequencing.
Fundamental movement skills – fine motor, gross motor, understanding health and safety.
Sensory – tactile, sight, sound, smell.

Developmental overload all while engaging and having fun through a concrete and real experience.


From the perspective as a mum, what an incredibly beautiful moment I had with my son. There was immense laughter, mischief, cooperation and genuine opportunity for bonding. We were building memories, building relationship and building the foundations of an ongoing, special activity reserved for just the Hurricane and I that we honestly look forward to with enthusiasm and keen anticipation.


Now believe me when I say this it took all my power not to interrupt his exploration! I could feel the fretful anxiety of the mess bubbling up inside of me. Inhale. Exhale. Deep breath. Make a quick mental mummy note that this is learning, this is amazing and I am enormously blessed to be apart of Injuries this journey with this little human growing and unfolding before me! Whatever mess the Hurricane leaves in his wake I can clean it up later!

At the end of the day what’s a little eggshell crunch when you have a super healthy and not to mention massively tasty muffin full of love, learning and grounded connection!

3 thoughts on “Kids in the Kitchen”

  • Brilliant read. My little guy loooooves getting in the kitchen with but like you I have to tell my inner perfectionist self that the flour and oats flying through the air don’t even come close to how happy and engaged he is. Thanks for encouraging me to get baking this week!

    • Thanks for the feedback Carlie and so happy to hear your little guy loves being a little chef with his super patient mum, it’s tricky calming that inner perfectionist but so so worth it! Enjoy the beautifully messy moments with your little man!

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