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One mum to another, The Whole Mummy is an open space and an access to resources to help make juggling all the balls in the circus of being a mum just that little bit easier.

I’m a mother of four, Brody Jay, Daisy Blake, Billy Rose and my sleeping angel Beau. My journey as a mum so far has been one of challenges, a bumpy ride to say the least.

My husband and I were overjoyed with the arrival of our first son Brody Jay, only to have him struck by meningococcal B meningitis at three months old. It was an incredibly difficult time but we were blessed to have caught it early, but the road to recovery was long and shaky. One year later we were once again soaring high after falling pregnant with our second son Beau. Perhaps naive to think we’d been given our hardest challenge to face we were yet to face our hardest and honestly on going hurdle with the loss of our baby, our beautiful baby boy, Beau, stillborn, born sleeping. The time for our family after that was one of overcoming, connecting and bonding through our pain, our loss and our grief but it has made us stronger and more full of love than I ever could have imagined.

Finally, for now, we have been given the immense joy of the arrival of our beautiful daughters, our Daisy Blake, my wandering soul and warrior women, and our youngest, Billy Rose, my bringer of balance and calm to the chaos. Despite the ups and downs this is one ride I don’t for a minute regret getting on and one I could never imagine getting off.

Put aside the pivotal moments that have shaped me as a mum and there is still the completely normal, day to day mine field that as a woman you have to adapt to and navigate in the journey of becoming a mum.

This is a real space, based on openness and sharing from my experiences and tricks of the trade as a mum to make life just that little bit easier. It is about finding balance, while I’d like to say I’ve found it that’s simply not true but balance is on a continual changing and growing cycle and we are continually changing and growing with it. So now for the time being i’m just trying to bring a little piece of each element of what I believe to be balance as a mum into my home. By doing so I hope that any point of my journey can speak to and in any way help other mums out there to do the same.

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  • You are so brave sharing your story. What an inspirational mummy you are! Your children are very lucky to have such strong, brave and inspirational woman as their mum. Loving your posts xx

  • I really appreciate your story on Beau !
    I definitely relate to a lot of the emotions you were feeling in that hospital as to how i felt going through a similar process of having a still born baby at nearly 26 weeks from finding out to the rush of manually progressing labour on ASAP.
    It’s definitely brought a lot of good and hard memories back for me as at times i feel like it never happened as life can get so busy and consuming.
    I hope to write something similar as to you have written to add to my pregnancy journal to keep as memories for the future so that i can remember the small and large moments of it all…
    Thank you for being so honest & in depth and allowing me to bring back some really good memories even in such a bad situation. And as you have said i wouldn’t take a different journey or have regrets their’s definitely always a bigger picture or a further journey ahead in the good and bad times it’s that what makes it the journey..

  • My first daughter Katie was born sleeping on june 6 1982. I found out on my due date june 4th that tge cord had caused this and was induced delivering my little beauty 2 days later. I have been blessed with 4 living children and am now an ecstatic nana as well but katies little face has never left me nor has the pain of that loss. Thank you for your beautiful story.

  • Thank you for your honesty and platform for mommies to share and support one another. So very sorry for your loss. Blessings to you and your family 💖

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